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Sustainability Policy

Ñamku Lodge, Local Tour Operator & Artisan Craft Emporium

Ñamku commites to our ecosystem through the  fundamental practices created by the Touristic Sustainability Policies, adopting the principles announced in the International Charter for Sustainable Tourism as guidelines aimed towards achieving a continuous improvement in our operation focusing on the areas of quality, environmental management and tourism responsability. Furthermore commiting to put into constant practice the main lines of action detailed in the following text, in a proactive effort to maintain the balance between social, environmental & economic domains.

Being consistent with our natural and sociocultural surroundings, Ñamku promises to achieve a gradual improvement in the efficiency of the resources used within our operation. Aspiring to be an example in sustainable development, incorporating technologies and practices which minimize any negative impact that our operation could generate on the surrounding ecosystem.


To guide you while discovering the nature and unique culture of the Araucania Andina, to recommend activities which the Ñamku team customizes for you, while contributing knowledge and awareness in the visitors and the local community to further promote the conservation and sustainable use of its resources.


It inspires us to be leaders in the development of a sustainable tourism industry for Malalcahuello, focusing on enhancing this destination as a haven for Special Interest Tourism. Ñamku has been designed to highlight and enhance the unique environment in which it is located, where the sum of the detalis implicit in our operation, human quality and sincere dedication to service not only aspires to meet the needs of our guests but also to exceed their expectations by providing opportunities for creating priceless memories.

Sociocultural Balance

-We protect the natural, historical and cultural resources by applying minimum impact practices when making use of them, in turn informing and promoting responsible behavior on behalf of our customers.
- We evaluate and adopt CSR measures when these opportunities arise. We also seek to establish instances to contribute on issues of CSR.
- We promote activities aimed towards the enhancement of flora, fauna and local culture expressions, allocating resources to their implementation.
- We support local entrepreneurs, helping them breach socioeconomic gaps that limit the development of their tourism initiatives.
- We employ local labor and materials in the construction and implementation of our spaces. Also prioritizing the employement of local staff for the operation of Ñamku.
- We strive towards the alleviation of poverty and rescue of traditional expressions, through the purchase and sale of local & regional crafts by Fair Trade.

Enviromental Pillar

- We incorporate technologies that reduce the impact of our operation on the environment.
- We only use native and / or endemic species in landscaping areas surrounding the lodge and areas designed for common use.
- We employ measures to reduce and / or eradicate invasive species that compete with native flora.
- We encourage local sustainable agricultural & livestock production, buying from producers that employ organic production techniques and / or ethical production.
- We promote actions destined towards the sustainable use of our natural resources. Not supporting the removal, sale or exploitation of the native flora and fauna.
- We use low-energy light bulbs and / or LED to contribute to energy efficiency.
- We project designs and implementation of new areas under sustainable parameters, incorporating systems created for energy and water efficiency.
- We promote recycling in all our units.
- We make all purchases of supplies by selecting only products with recyclable, biodegradable or reusable packaging.
- We use only certified dry wood for fires.
- We participate in the consultative council of CONAF, ensuring the welfare of the surrounding protected areas.
- We raise awareness regarding the preservation of flora and fauna.
- We incorporate the use of biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products.